Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Interim Report: Bush - a gentleman's C

I’d anticipated what Bush would say this morning when compelled to comment on The Interim Report on Iraq. Every one of his speeches is a version of a previous one. He came through as expected with the defensive posturing, his “elementary school teacher’s voice” justifying yet again why we need to remain in Iraq, claiming to make decisions not to please us (clearly) while ducking the issue of responsibility by maintaining he relies on information from the generals over there and, finally, that he can’t speculate as to what he’ll do if things don’t improve. At this point, I could deliver his speech without notes, yet he rarely completes a thought without referring to his pages. I'm never sure he understands the words coming out of his mouth, reminding me of when I pray in Hebrew.

While the report was ostensibly assessing Iraqi progress, it also reflects Bush’s progress. He’s responsible for the current situation in Iraq. The 18 benchmarks were broken down into 8 satisfactory, 8 unsatisfactory and 2 mixed, putting Bush in territory no doubt familiar to him: the gentleman’s C.

If my son had gotten these grades at a parent/teacher conference, I’d be hiring tutors and cutting back on ranch time. What do you think, Mother Bush?

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