Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Homeland Security...or psychic adviser?

I woke up this morning to hear that Michael Chertoff, the Secretary of Homeland Security, has a gut feeling al-Qaeda may have another surprise for us this summer. He’s with Homeland Security, not the Psychic Hotline. Are his hunches limited to terrorist attacks, or does he also find lost cats and predict the sex of a baby? Shouldn’t an announcement from Homeland Security be based on credible Intelligence, not when Mercury is going into retrograde?

Chertoff said that the terrorist group has recently been making more public statements, which he construes as an indication they’re feeling comfortable. We have only to look at Bush to see that public statements, however cocky and blustery, are no measure of the capacity to act successfully. And there’s Bush’s reasoning that by bringing the war to them, we’re preventing them from bringing it to us. Bush and Chertoff appear to be tuned in to different frequencies.

I’ve had psychic readings and am willing to consider that some people have an ability to foresee a future event. This has been a source of dispute between my husband and me. His position is, “Even if a few of the things they tell you do happen, you wouldn’t go to a doctor who’s right 50% of the time”. But even I, more reluctant to discredit psychic powers, was alarmed when I learned that Nancy Reagan had a psychic on retainer. It frightens me that governmental decisions may be influenced by self-proclaimed mind-readers or spiritual advisers. I sure hope Homeland Security isn’t working with a deck of Tarot cards.

Even before today, I had misgivings about Homeland Security. I don't trust they're doing enough to protect us. We should all be grateful we had a shoe bomber, not an underpants bomber.

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