Friday, July 13, 2007

beauty and the beast

Just like sybil, i too watched our president at his press conference yesterday morning and just like sybil i felt furious and frustrated. unlike sybil, however, my anger was for a very different reason.

over the years, i have grown used to bush's lies and smirks and cowboy bravado. my usual reaction, when he appears on my t.v. screen, is to change the channel. there is nothing that man can say or do that will give me any confidence or comfort and nothing he can say or do will make me hate him less.

yesterday morning i was watching the "today show". i had been lured to my t.v. with a promo promising an exclusive matt lauer interview with the reigning miss new jersey. apparently, the young lady in question had posed for some racy pictures in college and someone was blackmailing her. the threat was that either she step down and hand over her crown or the would be blackmailer would release the photos. miss new jersey, in a plot line straight out of "law and order", decided to beat the blackmailer at his own game and release them herself.

and so i waited patiently. i sat through an entire hour, having to watch and listen to the insipid and insufferable ann curry pretend to interview the young female star of "harry potter" and then some stupid fashion show. i would have changed channels, but every commercial break promised miss new jersey, any minute. finally, the eight o'clock hour arrived. i knew that that was the time that the "today show" switched from "hard news", like the "harry potter" interview, to fluff. i was guessing that miss new jersey scored high on the fluff meter.

just as they were about to introduce her, the screen cut to BREAKING NEWS. in this climate of fear, and thanks to chertoff's gut, i was expecting, at the very least, a change in our terror color code - at the worst - an attack on an airport, train station or god knows where. but nooooo.. it was a press conference starring our beloved leader. i hoped it would be short and sweet. he never has that much to say anyway and since he never really answers questions, i figured he could be done in time for me to still catch a glimpse of miss new jersey, wiping away tears and perhaps a brief photo of her ta ta's.

it was not to be. bush went on and on. fortunately for him, because i was really mad, they repeated the interview later in the day on msnbc. miss new jersey's ta ta's were no where to be seen. as a matter of fact, in the photos, it seems as though either yellow peppers or oranges were standing in as ta ta's on the young lady. not one photo was any more disturbing than any college kid's "you tube" page. fortunately, the powers that be on the miss new jersey board, decided that oranges, standing in for ta ta's, was not going to spell the end of miss new jersey's reign and, as of late yesterday, her tiara was firmly in place.

i find it really interesting, that a young beauty queen could possibly lose her title over a couple of vegetable ta ta's, while george bush, after all he has done, still gets to keep his title as president of the united states.

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