Tuesday, July 17, 2007

boys will be boys

my son has gone off to camp for a week. every summer he takes a week off from work and volunteers his time at a camp for children with crohn's and colitis. the fact that he suffers from colitis himself, makes him a perfect person to act as counselor to these kids. i am incredibly proud of him and the work that he does and his week away every summer is always something that warms my heart. until this year.

two things have happened that make me wish he had never gone off to camp. the first is that he is the official blog master of bi-coastal broads and with him out of town and unreachable the broads have run amok. we have no idea what we are doing blog wise. we know so little that we don't even know the right questions to get others to help us. while i love my son a lot i am afraid if he stays away much longer i might have to adopt another child. i do have a daughter and while she is bright, beautiful and a talented artist she is in no way helpful when it comes to computers. i am thinking 20 something and asian. they are usually quite beautiful, well behaved and are known to be whizzes at the computer. i would be a good mother and not expect too much from my adopted son. i would love him, give him room, board, and his own flat screen t.v. all i would ask in return is that he be on call 24/7 for blog related questions and that he present me with a grandchild within two years of his adoption. (i figure this way i can kill two birds with one stone).

the second reason i wish my son had never gone off to camp is the e mail i received from him this evening. basically, it said something like this. "i have always thought about doing this and now it is done. i have shaved my head. i am bald. more later and perhaps a photo". i thought after we got through high school and made it through college with little or no mutilation, piercings or tattoos i was home free. not so fast. i sent a bushy headed man to camp and i am getting back mr. clean. there is one thing i know for sure. my asian son would never do this to me.

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