Monday, June 4, 2007

What's a Paris Hilton?

There's a story on TV about a blonde with an odd name like "Paris Hilton", which I'd assumed (perhaps incorrectly generalizing from the New York Hilton) is a hotel, the huge and impersonal kind we avoid, preferring charming three-star type lodging. But now I hear that Paris Hilton has gone to jail. What's the story? Nobody here in New York seems to know anything about this as we're busy fretting about the terrorists, inept or otherwise, who had their sights set on JFK, Bloomberg's proposal to keep cars out of mid-town Manhattan, yet another huge inconvenience and the rumors that the 2nd Avenue Deli may reopen in a new location, which would take our minds off these other worries - at least for as long as it takes to finish off a pastrami sandwich. Though, yes, we do have a blonde of our own - Hillary, sharing her only with Arkansas, Chicago and Washington. No Paris for Hillary.