Saturday, June 2, 2007

to blog or not to blog...

it isn't enough that i had to learn how to use an answering machine, a fax machine, a cell phone, a blueberry, a blackberry and a computer. now i have to learn how to blog. if anyone ever asks me the best thing about having children i would have to say free tech support - so before we go any further in this endeavor i would have to thank my ever patient son adam for introducing me to the blogosphere and setting me on the road to fame in cyberspace.

though sybil and i are seperated by 3000 miles our brains and humor seem to dwell in the same land. no one can make me laugh as much or as hard as sybil. wait until you get to know her - you will laugh, you will cry, you will sell your first born (unless, of course, that's the child that provides your tech support).

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