Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quirks of New York

A woman has a piece in today’s “Times” about having put her virginity on Craigs List, which is only one of the eccentricities more likely to happen in New York than elsewhere. My husband didn't come across this listing while searching for movers on Craigs List, but we did find two Russian guys with a large van, who showed up on time (modern equivalent of a biblical miracle) to move our son’s belongings to his new apartment. As there’s no parking on our street, they asked me to sit at the wheel of the van so they could load up without risking an astronomical fine.

I remained buoyant and exuberant, distracted from the emotions accompanying our son moving into his first real apartment until we turned onto the street where my son had managed to score an apartment without paying a fee (yet another miracle). There was a street fair. You could buy lemonade, socks, grilled corn, Asian scarves, cacti, sausage sandwiches, rugs, dental tools, reading glasses and have a ten-minute back rub. What you couldn’t do was get a car, let alone a van, to the service entrance of the building.

My anguish about empty nest syndrome had been for naught as I saw no option other than returning to our apartment and unloading the van. Our family would have to remain intact until next weekend, when we could try again. The Russian guys, here less than two years and already fluent in English, weren’t so easily deterred. They swung the van onto the sidewalk and drove to the building, demonstrating their savvy and chutzpah, their New Yorkness. You're a better man than I, Vladimir Din.

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