Friday, June 22, 2007

the princes and the mothers

this week, i sat through matt lauer's hour long interview with princes william and harry. they seemed like very nice young men, obviously raised well, with good heads on their royal shoulders. i found the interview to be fairly routine - no new or scandalous revelations- but i did take particular notice of the homage they paid their late mother. not once did they complain about her cooking skills, or lack thereof, or her ever being late to pick up carpool while they and their buddies stood waiting, in the pouring rain. now, it is true that she died very young, so they never did get a chance to criticize the contents of her refrigerator and her total disregard of expiration dates on perishable food, but still. i shudder to think what my son would reveal about me, to matt lauer, should i ever make a wrong move while driving on pacific coast highway. i found comfort in remembering that the boys were so young when their mother met her untimely death that they never really had an opportunity to grow annoyed with her. so i felt better - until the next day.

the morning after mr. lauer's interview, i picked up my copy of the new york times, only to discover, on the front page of the style section, a whole article about prince albert and the gala planned to commemorate the life and death of his mother, the late princess grace (aka grace kelly). now, this boy was not in short pants when his mother died - also in a car crash (what is it with princesses and cars?)and yet he, too, wants the world to remember his mother in only the most glowing terms. he is even planning to display some of her clothing in an exhibit that will travel around the world.

i can just picture my son, rummaging through my closet, trying to choose the items of clothing that would best represent the true me. i only hope that he will pick the size 6 jeans that have been folded in the bottom of my drawer for the last 15 years and not the size 12's that i actually wear. i want to be remembered by my son the way the princes remember their mothers - not as a flesh and blood woman with faults and foibles, but as a saint. i am not planning to leave anytime soon, but i am serving notice to my son to start planning the gala. what's good enough for grace and diana should be good enough for me.

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