Sunday, June 10, 2007

now i know how valerie plame felt

i am so lucky to have a friend like sybil. not only is she funny, bright and adorable but she is generous and kind. for example, if you read sybil's posting today you know that she has risen to my defense in the most flattering way. it had come to my attention (mainly through reading my own postings) that i was beginning to sound like an empty headed, stereotypical los angeles woman. i mentioned that fact to sybil and she wasted no time in setting the record straight. i am grateful for that and yet, somehow, i feel as though i have been outed.

i was beginning to enjoy my literary persona. while not in reality a blond, i was starting to have fun with my platinum haired alter ego. blondie could go places i would never go and say things that would never pop into my head, much less come out of my mouth. while writing on my blog i was 5 foot 8, 115 pounds and had enormous breasts. i drove a bright red mercedes convertible and sported a ten carat (flawless) diamond ring. blog judi lived in a 22,000 square foot mansion in beverly hills with four in help, a heart shaped pool and a lear jet sitting in wait at santa monica airport. blog judi's husband was a famous hollywood producer with six academy awards and only one mistress who he discretely kept in a nice, but not lavish, home in encino. blog judi led the perfect hollywood wife's life and i liked it!

now sybil, in the name of friendship, has gone and spoiled all that. now i am going to have to face the cyber world as just plain, old me. short, dark, intellectually gifted me. i do not think i am up to the task. sybil is short, dark and much smarter than i and so i refuse to compete . in spite of what sybil may have said, i want you to continue to think of me as you once did. tall, blond, gorgeous and not much smarter than paris hilton. this way i will never disappoint and i can live in the land of fantasy forever.

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