Sunday, June 3, 2007

just like a new yorker

leave it to sybil to watch the debates and roast a chicken. she is such an over-achiever. at our house it is the husband that cooks but tonight it looks like take out...chinese i'm thinking. as for the debates - is it just me or are they all starting to look the same? lucky for hillary she has a vagina and obama, cafe au lait skin, otherwise they would blend in with the rest of the rich white men. i am dying to do a makeover on hillary. if she would only spend a month or two out here we would have her tan and fit with hair extensions, perkier boobs, a whiter smile and not a laugh line to be found. why, with a little lipo we could get rid of those unsightly saddle bags and get her out of those really unbecoming pastel pants suits. let's face it - in america, in the 21st century it is much more important for a candidate to look good than to really know anything. what good are brains if you can't get elected. they should all take a page from the miss america contest. everyone knows, that in the end, it is the swimsuit competition that gets the tiara. you can answer "world peace" to all the final questions you want... if you can't fill a wild bikini you are "miss congeniality" for sure.


Adam said...

It's exicting to see the two of you riffing so well off each other. I'm so proud to have helped in some small way to launch this blog and to post the very first of what I'm sure will be many comments. You're off to a great start!


Sybil Adelman Sage said...

You're the best!!! Are we done now, or do we have to keep blogging?

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