Monday, June 4, 2007

if betty friedan could see you now

while some of us, especially those from a certain city on the east coast, can spend their idle days blogging, the rest of us - the truly caring folks in the west - are spending their days thinking of special ways to help our sister paris in her time of need. sure it is easy to scoff while reading "the new york times" and "the atlantic monthly" but for those of us dedicated to "people" and "us weekly" there is much to be done. as patrick henry once said "give me liberty or give me death" all we want to know is "is paris burning"?

our fair city is turned upside down with grief. i don't suppose you, sybil, yes i am pointing to you, gave one thought to the fact that there will be 22 days of no paris. no photos, no fashion layouts, no tales of ruined hair extensions and cat fights in the ladie's rooms of the hottest clubs. and just who do you think is going to lead us to the newest summer purses? who is going to show us what we should be wearing on the hot summer nights to come. lindsey lohan? i think not. just think about this sybil - think about sisterhood and how you have failed. and you call yourself a liberated woman.

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