Monday, June 25, 2007

Hitting the ground running, so to speak

I’m, like, amazing, you’re, like, sort of amazing, he, she it, well, you get the idea. “Amazing”, “sort of” and “like” (the Hamburger Helper of speech) bring nothing to the table (which also brings nothing to the table).

Maybe it’s hormonal; the new and over-zealous usages of these words makes me cranky. I’d like (acceptable use of the word) to propose outlawing, banning or otherwise eliminating the preceding as well as the following expressions:

“Quite frankly”. In the absence of, “just kidding”, “quite frankly” is understood.

“Having said that”. You said it, we heard it, move on.

“Let’s not go there”, acceptable only when your significant other (TBA) suggests going to Niagara Falls or eating at Friday's.

On the same page
Giving a heads up
Make no mistake
Down the road
On or not on the radar range
My bad
Hit the ground running
Tap into
At the end of the day

Why are we (and I’m excluding myself in that “we”) so quick to embrace phrases and run with them (just to see if you’re paying attention)? Do we honestly buy into (no improvement over "believe") that it shows us to be cool?

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