Thursday, June 7, 2007

a visit to the doctor and the case against lower case

i went for my yearly check-up today. not the yearly mammogram or the yearly dental thing but the plain old-fashioned regular check-up. the kind our parents used to get. nothing high tech - no radiation involved - just a stethoscope and ice cold doctor's hands. with all the new technology out there it amazes me that doctors still have you peeing in a cup. it seems like if they can put men on the moon and an electronic bracelet on paris hilton to keep her in place, they should be able to come up with a better system then peeing in a cup. for a man to pee in a cup, i would imagine, is not such a big deal but for us women it is a whole other maneuver.

as for the mandatory blood test. that too should be abolished. first of all , it hurts. if that weren't enough, they always put some ugly bandage on the crook of your elbow to stop the bleeding. taking the bandage off always hurts more then drawing the blood and they never, ever (thank god) find anything in my blood, so what's the point. it's not that i want the doctor to find anything and i am extremely grateful that she never has, but it seems to me, that for all the pain and suffering, i should have a little something. nothing serious or life threatening - just a little something that would require friends and loved ones to send flowers.

and while we are on the subject of friends and loved ones - it seems that my blog mate and dear friend sybil is on my case about my use of lower case letters. you know how those literary, east coast types can be. if any of you are really out there and are actually reading this, please let me know how you feel. after all, if my public wants capital letters, i will give you capital letters.

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venicegal said...

Funny post as I just had a check up yesterday. It's scary when your doctors have low tech equipment that looks as if it should be on "That 70's Show." I got a heart test attached to a machine with knobs! Knobs - not buttons!!! It looked like a stereo I had when I was in college. It shouldn't have been a surprise because I think I was sitting on butcher paper. I also had to pee in a cup that came out of a dispenser that had "Staples" on the side. My bone density test consided of a knock on my knee. "Looks ok!" I guess doctors are also scared of "upgrading!"